Did you know that the average high school counselor to student ratio across the United States is 450:1? When planning your child’s future, it is critical to ensure that they receive personalized attention; individual learning styles, personality traits, and long-term goals should all be taken into consideration when selecting a post-secondary institution.

Money Magazine’s label of Raleigh as “the best city in the Southeast” has catapulted our population density. Families are moving to the area rapidly, contributing to our increase in class sizes across the school systems. Broughton High School, for example, maintained a 525:1 ratio of counselors to students in 2019; the level of personalization required to genuinely understand each individual student, recommend a post-secondary institution appropriate for their needs, and guide them through the writing of a polished, unique essay is simply an impossible task for these counselors.

Our approach at Raleigh Educational Coaching is to establish a partnership with not only your student, but your family. Understanding communication styles, interpersonal and familial relationships, preferred methods and modalities of learning, and long-term career goals ultimately enable us to hone in on the post-secondary institution category that would best serve your student. Further narrowing this category by department offerings, extracurricular desires, and personal touches further aids in the curation of a strategic list of applications for your student. Contact us today to learn more about how your student can become REC prepared!